NB Bootybuilding - The Bootybuilder band for resistance training

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Building a nice, solid, round and strong set of glutes takes hard work and can often times be very inconvenient when having to depend on various machines and weights in the gym. If you have put in some effort in trying to develop your glutes, you are probably very familiar with the many variations of glute kickbacks that can be done using bands. However, these bands can literally be a pain in the a** to say the least. They slip, gnaw and pinch your skin when using them, and that is simply not optimal when wanting to put in work for the results.


Natja Barnova, former Danish bikini fitness champion and online trainer now has the solution to all of your glute sculpting problems: the “Bootybuilder.” Constructed from the most soft and elastic material, this is an effective tool to use when wanting to build up that round and impressive set of glutes. It is not just your standard band that slips, frays or gnaws the inside of your thighs when using it. The “Bootybuilder” is a wide band that is capable of getting the job done while staying tight and comfortable, just like a set of durable pair of knee or wrist wraps. You are going to experience a deep muscular contraction and contact when training with it, and you will be able to do so anywhere at anytime.


The “Bootybuilder” should be placed right above the knees and kept tight by pressing the thighs and knees outwards. Maintain constant tension and contact to the glute muscles during exercise. In other words: if you get sloppy with the form, your booty will too. This device is not just intended to be used in the gym, but can be used at home just as well.


One size fits all.


If you are looking for the most convenient, comfortable and optimal way to maximize your booty training, then Natja Barnova’s “Bootybuilder” has got you covered.

Detailed Information:

NB Bootybuilding - The Bootybuilder band for resistance training


NB Bootybuilding



Size Range:

One Size Fits All


Latex, Polyester Cotton, Elastic Blend

Care Instructions:

Hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly.