NB Bootybuilding, Ankle Straps (Pair) - For Cable Exercises

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​Build Your Booty - "NB" Ankle Straps (Pair)

Ankle Straps For Booty Building Cable Exercises

​Danish athlete, personal trainer and founder of ​Build Your Booty Natja Barnova has specifically designed the "NB" Ankle Straps for you to use when performing cable exercises to target the glute muscles. These are constructed from the highest quality materials and will remain both comfortable and durable even with the most rigorous use. They feature neoprene padding to protect your skin and fit well. The sizing system is adjustable with the velcro, making them able to fit everyone. 

​Design-wise, these match up with the other Build Your Booty products perfectly and sport the simplistic and stylish black base color with the pink/white "NB" logo gracing it. They come with a little metal piece attached that allows you to hook the carabiner from the cable to them before performing the kickback exercise.

​Get your pair of Build Your Booty's "NB" Ankle Straps today and build your booty better than ever! 

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Detailed Information:

NB Bootybuilding, Ankle Straps (Pair) - For Cable Exercises


NB Bootybuilding



Size Range:

One Size Fits All



Care Instructions:

Hand wash in warm water wild mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.